How Assisted Living Franchise Assist Your Living

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People who consider owning an assisted living franchise have various backgrounds, come from numerous cultures and are motivated to serve others–notably, the senior community. At UR First Home Health, we’ve seen it all and met people from all walks of life who have been interested in searching for an assisted living franchise for sale. Since 2007, we have been a trusted provider of home health services in Las Vegas, but the need for assisted living is national.

The largest American population is the Baby Boomers, the children born shortly after World War II. More than 78 million people are in this country between the ages of 57 and 75, and many need the services assisted living franchises provide.

The U.S. Census says all Baby Boomers will be above 65 by 2030. This is a good reason for assisted living communities to be the best they have ever been. There are so many spry Americans who have retired and live active lives. However, others can’t be as busy and may require help. In today’s busy world, where often both members of the household work and have families of their own, it has become increasingly more difficult for family members to dedicate the time necessary to serve their loved ones around the clock.

That’s why assisted living franchise opportunities are an essential thing to consider for millions of Americans nationwide–for help and possibly, for business. AARP shares that 76% of Americans over 50 say they want “to grow old in their homes.” And, if they have family members who want to make that a reality, they will search for “assisted living near me” or “home health services near me.”

Sustainability plays a pivotal role in every decision to purchase any franchise. The need for an assisted living franchise in every community is not only a need that will not go away, it is a need that is growing every day.  So, are you curious how assisted living franchise opportunities could help your living too? We have two critical answers.

Serve Your Community 

What UR First Home Health finds very interesting is that the United States will need approximately 2.3 million new healthcare workers for the aging population. Why? Because where are those 2.3 million people going to be employed? Hospitals, healthcare facilities, and what we do–assisted living franchises.

People you already know, loving members of your community, will be filling those jobs. Committed to their search for the next step in their careers. What if your assisted living facility was where they found a job and loved it? You could be doing that for the city you love and the people you appreciate. You could help offer quality care to good people in your area and provide jobs to people in your community.

If you are considering an assisted living franchise for sale, you can become part of a movement to serve the largest demographic in our country, all of whom deserve quality care in their twilight years. At UR First Home Health Care, we are working toward the future of home care. Serving communities across the United States is how we can help make a difference. And, we want your help. The aging members of your community are counting on you.

Caring for Others 

Home healthcare and assisted living assistance can be divided into three more significant categories:

  • Skilled Nursing Care
  • Personal Care
  • Companion Care


These are three vital roles that need to be filled to serve the needs of the aging members of your community. It is essential you know these roles before you consider assisted living franchise opportunities.

Skilled nursing care involves trained nurses who specialize in the type of care older adults require from a hospital or healthcare facility. Having compassion for the elderly and wanting to care for them doesn’t qualify everyone to provide this kind of specialized care. License and registered nurses offer “skilled nursing care” in a medical setting, usually under a doctor’s supervision.

Personal care could be a sundry of needs that many elderly people can’t necessarily do as well as they used to in the past. This kind of personal care keeps them active when they still need to rely on others. Maybe they need a ride somewhere since they can no longer drive themselves safely? How about preparing their meals? Some aging people may require assistance with feeding, toileting, or several services related to memory care.

Companion Care is among the most compassionate and rewarding roles anyone will ever play at an assisted living franchise. Did you know that 28% of US older adults, which is 13.8 million people, live alone? As people age, so do the people who have been a part of their lives. Many people who reach old age simply outlive many of their friends and family members. This is why companionship care is so important. It is about simply being a friend. Going out to dinner. Cooking Dinner. Together perhaps. Playing games, Doing puzzles, listening to stories, and accepting the privilege of sharing time with someone who has lived a lot of life.


Why Assisted Living Franchise Opportunities Matter

Imagine if one of those older adults were someone you love. What if it were you? Wouldn’t you feel better about life if you had that assistance, companionship, and the friendly face of someone who cares for your health? Senior-focused businesses are multiplying, and finding an owner whose heart is moved by the words in this post would benefit the aging population in your city, across your state, and throughout the nation.

If you owned an assisted living franchise, imagine the impact you could make in people’s lives. UR First Home Health Care can help you make that difference. We’d love to hear from you today!

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