About Our Home Care Assistance Franchise Senior Care Franchise in Oregon

Interested in becoming part of a movement in home health care that emphasizes client support and integrity above all? At UR FIRST Home Health, we’ve developed our home care franchise business model from a place of empathy and experience.

UR FIRST Home Health offers ownership in a home care and Senior Care Franchise for sale that keeps our clients first in our minds. We provide our owners with the tools to provide their clients with the best possible care, tailored to each individual’s needs and delivered to them in the comfort, security, and dignity of their homes.

When you join the UR FIRST Home Health team, you’re more than another investor. Our owners are part of our family, and we’ve got your back and want to help you develop your business.

Our belief in blending compassionate care and modern technology makes us a home care assistance franchise to watch. At UR FIRST Home Health, we know that quality home assistance and an efficient and well-designed business plan can help our owners grow.

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What Makes UR FIRST Home Health Special?

UR FIRST Home Health aims to set the trends for the future of home care assistance franchises. Our approach focuses on serving seniors, the disabled, veterans, and other clients in need of home support, and we leverage the latest in technology to help us provide that service.

Home health care in the U.S. is big business, and it’s getting bigger. The home care provider industry sees more than $109 billion in revenue a year, but it’s a fragmented field with few big players and many varied approaches. UR FIRST Home Health is on a mission to build a brand that leads the way and creates a model for future home service.

We work with purpose at UR FIRST Home Health. Our care and devotion to trust and transparency aim to help both our clients and owners

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Meet Our Founder

UR FIRST Home Health founder Mark Jackson understands how important it is for every client to receive the best available care because he’s been on both sides of the experience. As a veteran, Mark knows that responsible, ethical, patient-centered service can be the key to starting a movement in home health.

After completing a career as an officer in the U.S. Navy, Mark moved into the corporate world, where he honed his administrative and business operation skills. He began to develop a plan for a new approach to home care, one that emphasized streamlined and efficient operations that utilized emerging technologies to aid him in providing care.

Mark opened the first UR FIRST Home Health Agency in 2017. Today, we are preparing to move into markets across the country and are looking to bring our home care assistance franchise to your local area.

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Want to become Part of the UR FIRST Home Health Team?

UR FIRST Home Health is ready to grow, and we’re on the lookout for potential owners who want to become part of a home care franchise that is working to create a new model for home health. Is this the home care franchise opportunity for you?

Contact us to learn more about our home care assistance franchises, and begin your journey today. It might be the start of a new career!