Why Do Seniors Choose Home Care Over Nursing Homes?


When it comes to elderly and veteran care, there are many options available. Today, many older adults prefer to receive support at home instead of moving to live-in nursing homes or care facilities. Here, we delve deeper into the reasons why seniors prefer to age in place and receive home care:

  • Receive tailored, one-on-one care.
    With a home care agency franchise, older adults are provided one-on-one attention to ensure their needs are met. The focus of the caregiver is your loved one which is not always true in nursing homes, where seniors, in general, outnumber the caregivers.
  • Promote the healing process.
    Seniors who stay at home and receive support from a senior care franchise are more likely to recuperate and heal faster. Staying at home is more comfortable for most seniors, compared to recovering in a clinical setting. Recovering at home is also less stressful and reduces anxiety.
  • Increased comfort and spending time with loved ones.
    With home care, older adults enjoy the freedom and autonomy to maintain their routines. This promotes comfort during the golden years and makes it easier for them to spend time with loved ones. They can easily visit neighbors or have loved ones visit them without having to consider a live-in facility’s schedule.
  • Affordable care option
    Moving to a live-in nursing home is more expensive than home care. This is mostly due to nursing homes offering live-in facilities and other special amenities or equipment. However, this may mean paying for services that your loved one doesn’t really need.

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