Reasons Why Seniors Prefer to Age in Place


Seniors value their independence and most cling to it even when mobility or cognitive abilities decrease. Although there is the option of taking up residence in a senior home or assisted living facility, most seniors rely on a senior care franchise. Home care is an attractive option for seniors and their families as it allows them to age in place while receiving the support they need.

As a home care agency franchise provider, we will discuss the reasons why seniors prefer to age in place:

  • Retain Independence
    After nearly a lifetime of independence, seniors want to retain their sense of autonomy, so the desire to age at home is only natural. As they age, living in a familiar environment and setting their own routines can be comforting. Meanwhile, moving to a facility requires adapting to new lifestyles which can be disconcerting for most seniors.
  • Maintain a Sense of Connection
    The golden years are often characterized by frequent loss as seniors have to face the loss of loved ones while confronting their own mortality. Living at home can make it easier to cope with these losses. Aging in place also makes it easier to visit loved ones and vice versa.
  • Access the Right Resources
    More seniors express a desire to age in place because they know the right resources exist to make that happen. An elderly care franchise can provide the right level of care and support that they need to age comfortably at home.

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