How to Start a Home Health Care Business


Today, increased life expectancy and the aging of baby boomers have caused the aging population to rise. With this rise comes the increasing need for medical and non-medical care. Hence, now is a great time to start a home care franchise to provide a valuable service to the community while establishing a lucrative business.

Here, we discuss the steps you need to take to start a successful home health care franchise:

  • Develop a business plan.
    To establish a successful senior living franchise, you need a comprehensive business plan that includes a company description, marketing plan, financial plan, operational plan, and more. Your business plan can help you understand the costs of the business and achieve success.
  • Register with the state.
    Your home care agency needs to meet the requirements to receive payment from Medicaid and Medicare. You can certify your agency by accomplishing your state’s home care application for a license. You also need to incorporate your business which entails securing your tax identification and registering your National Provider Identification (NPI) number.
  • Hire qualified staff.
    As a home health agency, you provide personal services to patients. Hence, you need qualified and skilled staff who can represent and reflect what you want your business to be. Be sure to conduct thorough interviews and background checks to ensure high-quality services.

UR First Home Health Care Franchise is your go-to provider of home care assistance franchise. If you are interested in joining the home care industry and providing high-quality, sought-after services to the aging population, we can set you up for success. Set an appointment with us to discuss your first steps.

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