Exploring the Reasons Why Seniors Want to Age in Place


As we age, there will come a time when we require external help to manage our health and evolving needs. Today, a growing number of older adults express a desire to age in place. Luckily, an elderly care franchise can make healthy aging at home possible. Here, we explore the reasons why aging adults prefer to age in place:

  • Increased IndependenceWhen older adults are in their own homes, they have a heightened sense of control over their life decisions, actions, and daily routines. Receiving care from a senior care franchise enables them to retain their independence and follow their own schedules for activities like bathing, mealtimes, and daily events.
  • Familiar EnvironmentReceiving care from a home care agency franchise enables older adults to stay where they feel most comfortable – home. Aging in place provides a familiar setting that promotes comfort, security, and a heightened sense of awareness. This can be particularly helpful for seniors who are facing cognitive challenges that affect their memory.
  • Home-like AtmosphereFor many seniors, the emotional value of their homes is more crucial than their monetary value. Moving to an assisted living facility or senior home can take its toll on a senior’s mental and physical health. When seniors feel homesick, they are at a higher risk of loneliness and stress, which contribute to anxiety and depression.

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